Terminate One-on-One Schedule

If you continue the schedule for a month and want to discontinue it for the next month, you have the option to terminate that ongoing schedule.

Only the owner of the schedule can terminate it. The owners can either be school administrators or teachers of the organization.

To terminate an ongoing schedule, navigate to My Classes > select the One-on-One schedule from the My Classes list view.

You will be redirected to the Edit Schedule form, shown below. Navigate to the bottom center of the page and click on the Terminate Schedule button.

Once the Terminate Schedule button is clicked, you will get a confirmation dialog box to enter the preferred end date for the ongoing schedule. Once the date for the schedule is entered, the schedule will terminate on the date and all upcoming classes after the end date will be deleted.

Note: The terminated schedule will be available in the Inactive tab on the My Classes page for your convenience. You can reactivate the class and schedule whenever you wish to make the class available.

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