Subscribe Push Notification during First Login

Push notifications are notifications that can be sent to you while accessing the application via the desktop and mobile. These are alert-style messages that slide in at the top or bottom right-hand corner of a desktop screen (depending on the operating system). If you are using a mobile, they will appear on a mobile device identical to notifications from your other apps. Web push notifications are delivered on a user’s desktop or mobile screen anytime they have their browser open — regardless of whether or not the user is on the website.

When you first register to Mousiki, soon after the registration process is completed, the browser will prompt users to enable the push notifications service. May sure to enable them to stay informed about your account-related changes.

The image above is the confirmation for enabling push notifications in your web browser. Make sure to click Allow to receive real-time and continuous up-to-date information about your account.

You can also enable or disable the push notifications after the first login. Navigate to My Account > Preferences > check or uncheck the Enable Push Notification option under the Notification section, shown below.

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