You can view or manage the invoices on the Reports page.

School admins and teachers can view or manage the invoice report for the organizations that belong to them. Students and parents can only view the invoices linked to them.

You can view the reports page by selecting Reports under the Accounting menu, as shown below.

By selecting the Reports, you will land on the report page which displays all the invoices, as shown below.

From this page, you can view the reports based on your filters. You can filter based on the date or the status of the invoice. The report will show the following information:

  • The report will show the date on which the invoice was generated
  • The invoice number for the invoice
  • The customer details to whom the invoice was sent and the amount received against the invoice from the customer
  • The total invoice amount
  • The balance amount the customer should pay
  • The status of the invoice and invoice action menu
  • The due date for the invoice

Invoice Actions:

This is the list of actions available for each invoice. The list of actions will vary based on the user account type.

Only the school admin and teacher will have all the actions for an invoice. But, parents and students have only the View Invoice option.



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