Practice Assignments

The teacher or school admin can create an assignment for the student.

Only Teachers and school admin can create assignments.
Students or Parents can only view the assignment of the class in which they or their child enrolled.

Assignment can be uploaded as a file or recorded as audio in the classroom.

In the above image, Classroom is shown it has the 'Assignments' section in right.

The teacher or School admin can either record the assignment file by using the recording widget inside the Assignment.

Note: The user can either record the audio file live or can upload the audio from their local files, by selecting the 'Upload' icon next to the recording widget.

Or they can upload a document or image file in the 'Practice sheet' widget.

Once the file or audio is added to the assignment, the Teacher can schedule days on which the student needs to practice.

The teacher or school admin can also set the duration for practicing the assignment.

Note: Students or Parents can find the assignment audios or files in the Files tab. they can also download it locally.

Copy From Last session:

If the teacher or school admin like to assign the same assignments for the students from the previous session, They can select the 'Copy From Last session' button.

This will copy the Audio file and practice sheet from the previous classroom and be assigned to the current class.

The image shows an Assignment with one audio file recorded and scheduled for weekdays.

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