One-on-one Chat

The one-on-one chat feature allows interaction with others for real-time updates.

Regardless of the account type, everyone can chat with their contacts.

  1. School administrators can chat with all the users in their organization (i.e) teachers, students, and parents/guardians.
  2. Teachers can chat with users within their organization and with members of all the organizations linked to your account.
  3. Students can chat with school administrators and teachers where they are enrolled.
  4. Parent/Guardian can chat with school administrators, teachers, and students from the organizations that are linked to their child.

You can open the chat window by clicking on the chat icon available on the top right corner, as shown below.

In the image shown above, this particular user has three contacts with whom they can chat.

Note: All the available users who are currently online will have a green indicator next to their profile picture. You can also send messages to users who are not available online, but they will be notified when they come back online.



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