Evaluate Student Performance

Continuous feedback is paramount for teachers to understand their students' needs and to keep them engaged. Teachers can evaluate the performance of their students after each class. They can define and manage the Key Performance Indices (KPIs) that they want to measure.

Note: Only the teacher can rate the performance of the student. The students and parents can only view the received feedback.

The performance rating can be done only after the completion of a class or a previously conducted class.

The best time to rate students' classroom performances is right after completing the class. The Student Feedback form will be visible to you at the bottom right side of the classroom page. Rate student performance for that class and the form will be automatically saved. You are also able to rate a class that had occurred earlier in the Classroom, shown below by navigating to the particular class from the calendar.

In the above image, the teacher has rated the student for his/her performance of the A, B, C, and D major scales. As the student learns to excel in performing the A, B, C, and D major scales, the teacher can add the E, F, and G major scales to the KPI category called the 'Major Scales.'

Note: Feedback can be given only for the previously conducted class

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