Enter into Meeting Room

Note: Users who have access to see the classroom can enter into the meeting room.

You can enter the meeting room 10 mins before the scheduled class time or after the class timings. Click on the Enter into Meeting Room button.

Note: Students, parents, and school administrators can join the meeting room once the host has joined.
Note: You are allowed to join the meeting room only 10 minutes before the scheduled class time. If you try to enter the meeting room before the 10 minutes or try to enter the meeting room of a future scheduled classroom, you will receive an error message, shown above.

If you enter 10 mins before the scheduled meeting time, you can enter the meeting by clicking on the Enter the Meeting button in the Classroom, shown below.

Note: Toggle between the meeting and the classroom anytime to see the notes or comments in the Classroom. Click on the View Class button on the screen, shown above.

Once you click the Join button, you will be redirected to the meeting screen, shown below.

The above image shows the host, Beethoven, hosting the meeting with another user.

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