Delete KPI

You can delete the existing KPI based on the organization's requirements.

Navigate to Curriculum > Feedback Setup which will land you on the Feedback Category page.

Note: If any of the KPIs were already used in the classroom to evaluate student performance, you cannot delete that particular KPI.

Delete KPI Category:

If you want to delete an existing KPI category, click on the delete icon (trash bin), which is displayed on the left-hand corner of every category.

When the delete icon is clicked, you will be asked a second time to confirm before deleting. When you click the Delete button, the feedback category will be deleted permanently.

Delete KPI Item in a Category:

If you want to delete an existing KPI item in a KPI category, click on the edit icon (Pen) to navigate to the Edit Feedback Category page. Navigate to the section called Feedback KPI. Under the actions column, click the delete icon (trash bin).

Before deleting, you need to confirm one more time if you wish to continue, as shown below.

Note: Once the KPI is deleted from the organization, it will not be used for evaluating student performance.

If you do not wish to delete the KPI item or the KPI category but wish to use it later, click the toggle button to make the item inactive, shown below.

When you click on the toggle, you will be asked the following question.

Click on the Confirm button once again to deactivate the KPI. If you wish to reactivate it, toggle again to see the following dialog. Click the Confirm button to re-activate.

Be cautious when deleting or deactivating a KPI item or category because once you confirm a change, the feedback data cannot be retrieved again.

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