Add Enrollment

You can enroll any number of students from your organization in a course.

Only school administrators and teachers can enroll a student in their organization.

You can create an enrollment from the Student Details page, shown below. Navigate My Students > click the student to enroll > click the Student Details tab.

In the image shown above, the student named "Jack Harper" has one current enrollment. To enroll this student, click on the (+) icon next to Enrollments. This will redirect you to the Add Enrollment Details form.

The enrollment form has all the enrollment details regarding the course, the teacher, the cost of the course, and more. Enter all the necessary information correctly and click on the Save button to create the new Enrollment.

A confirmation should appear at the top of the page that says "Enrollment details have been added successfully."

Now, on the same Student Details page, the course should appear under the Enrollments tab.

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