Activate/deactivate KPI for user organization

As a teacher or school administrator, if you don't want to stop measuring an existing Key Performance Indices (KPI), you can deactivate it from the Manage KPI page. Upon deactivation, the KPI will not be displayed in the classroom and hence cannot be used for evaluating the student performance in the classroom.

Only school administrators and teachers are able to activate or deactivate a KPI.

You can activate or deactivate the existing KPI based on the organization and its requirements. Select the Class Feedback option under the Curriculum menu which will take you to the Manage KPI page.

If you want to activate or deactivate the existing KPI, click on the toggle bar displayed on the list. Once you toggle the active KPI to deactivate, you will receive a confirmation pop-up window, shown below.

In the image above, the deactivated KPI confirmation window makes sure you want to deactivate the existing KPI from the organization. When the Confirm button is clicked, this KPI will be deactivated in the list view.

Note: Alternatively, you can also delete a KPI if it is not being used.

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